About Talent Group

The Innovation Leader in recruitment & selection, management and development of human resources in Bulgaria

Talent Group is a Consulting Group with more than 13 years of operational experience and a key role in the development of the recruitment business in Bulgaria. Talent Group consists of independent consulting companies, focused on finding and attracting expert and managerial staff across various market sectors and industries. Its brands are: Talent Hunter, Sales Scout, Industry Scout and Center Stars – each of them specialized in a particular business domain.

Talent Group works outside of the box and rarely relies on standard methods of recruitment. Our purpose is efficiency, flexibility and the usage of integrated and unconventional channels for communication in the search of professionals. This innovative methodology distinguishes us and guarantees the success of the projects we work on. Our leadership position in the consulting industry pushes us to constantly improve our business model in order to achieve best results and maximum satisfaction of our clients.

Our principles

as a result of our long-term experience in discovering and developing talents

Business Diversification
Focus of the teams on specific business segment
The segmentation of our teams in a specific business area or industry allows us to get to know it in detail and to step deeply into the specifics of the sector
Quality of service
With an eye for the detail concerning of the needs of the business sector
The thorough knowledge of the sector allows us to anticipate its needs and to respond with flexible solutions
New ways of working with the candidates and the businesses
The solutions for finding good professionals in each sector are different, that’s why we have different approaches in each of our brands
Talent Knowledge
We apply innovative methodology to identify them
Through our 10 years of experience, we have developed and successfully implemented a unique methodology for identifying Talents
Honest position
Openness and directness in dealing with clients and candidates
We strive to support the success of our customers by not saving them our objective point of view
We respect confidentiality and we protect the interests of both sides
We use the information provided to us by the client solely for the purposes of the project implementation

Our brands

The Talent Group brings together the Talent Hunter, Sales Scout, Industry Scout and Center Stars brands

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  • Talent Hunter is a leading company in the field of recruitment and selection of IT / Telecom experts and managers. Our understanding of the technology sector, the personality in work and the expression of the Talents in business helps us to understand the customers, the companies and the professionals so we could help them to meet their current goals with their future development plans.

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  • Sales Scout is focused on the selection of sales and marketing professionals. Sales Scout combines focused
    expert selection and customized sales / marketing trainings to prepare the professionals for full efficiency in your business.

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  • The Industry Scout` team specializes in industrial recruitment and selection of specialists for the Manufacturing, Construction, Transport and Logistics sectors. We work with the full range of positions in these industry segments – low qualified employees, expert and engineering positions and management positions.

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  • Center Stars is highly specialized in the field of language selection, providing innovative solutions to companies looking for people with different linguistic skills. Our consultants have various languages skills and understand perfectly the specifics of foreign communities and language cultures. We can offer alternative solutions for each language group in order to quickly and reliably meet the needs of our customers.

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