Talent Group sent off a very successful 2021, both in terms of business and as a team, with a glamorous “Code Red” themed Christmas party

The party was hosted by Snobs Foodbar & Cafe, to whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts for the perfect organization and the rhythm was entrusted to DJ Super Lubo – the actor Ivan Matev, who heated the mood degrees to “red”. The party continued until dawn with crazy dances and karaoke performances, and the Hollywood smiles did not leave the faces of the participants.

What we celebrated:

  • First place for the third year in a row – Talent Group – “Best Recruitment Agency” 2021, Career Show Awards
  • Talent Hunter Award – Best Recruitment Agency – IT Staffing 2021, Career Show Awards
  • Center Stars Award – Best Recruitment Agency – Foreign Languages 2021, Career Show Awards
  • Sales Scout Award – “Best Recruitment Agency – Headhunting” 2021, Career Show Awards
  • Talent Group Award – ‘Innovation in Recruitment’ 2021, Career Show Awards
  • Two awards for Talent Group and Center Stars – “Innovative Recruitment Strategy” 2021, B2B Media Awards 2021
  • Increase of brand teams and introduction of a new structure with an emphasis on middle management
  • We won many new clients and interesting projects in the long term

We congratulate each other on the occasion of the great achievements and wish each other an even more blessed and controversial year 2022!